Senin, 02 Mei 2011

Software Video Converter Gratis

Hari ini aku dikasi tugas untuk mengkonversi video *.avi menjadi *.mpeg karena mau di buka lewat player dirumah. Karena kurang familiar dengan urusan video ini, aku nanya-nanya sama guruku. ditunggu dah cukup lama aku di beri solusi untuk mencari leat google. hehehehe......jama aja.

Akhirnya ku putuskan untuk googling. Keyword: convert avi to mpeg. Nama softwarenya adalah WinAVI Video Converter. Software ini mampu meng-convert berbagai macam jenis video (avi,vcd, dvd, de el el).

Selasa, 19 April 2011

Hj-Split free

What is HJ-Split? Maybe for friends rarely heard or even not ever know. From the name "Split", we can assume that relate to filesplitter alias file solver. filesplitter is the intent of dividing, or splitting files into several smaller parts. Well, one of the software to do filesplitter earlier is HJ-Split.
Earlier, we will discuss in advance of a fuller explanation of filesplitter which we had mentioned above. Approximately purpose of dividing / splitting files into several smaller parts can be better understood with the following example:

Such as we have 2 GB of files on your computer. Then there is a friend who wants the files that we have to be copied to a computer through a flash. The problem is, the flash that there is only 1GB. Although he has 2 1GB flash, of course not be used to copy the file. Finally, you break down (split) the file into 2 parts, each with a capacity of 1 GB and 1 GB. By splitting files, the problem can be solved by including the breakdown products last 2 files into 2 1GB flash he has.

From the above description, filesplitter very useful for us especially with seamless problem with capacity.
In addition to the above example, filesplitter also useful for friends who frequently upload files to a provider such as ziddu filehosting, rapidshare, 4shared, etc. Especially for us who only has free account, allowed to file capacity uploaded to each provider filehosting very limited. For example ziddu, free account is only allowed to upload a file less than 200MB. Now with filesplitter, our problems to upload files large capacity can be overcome.

Explanation of dew filesplitter have discussed above, of course, require a software to apply it. Among the many software solver files, HJ-Split is a popular one in its field. Views minimalist does not reduce reliability due to file split function is very powerful.

download HJSplit here

See you again next dew ya posted ...^_^

Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Defraggler 2.01.239

Download Defraggler 2.01.239
softwere untuk mendefrag hardisk bisa di download di halaman ini. disini disediakan dengan versi 2.01.239


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